Paletero Man
by Diaz, Lucky; Player, Micah (ILT)

When a little boy finally catches up to Paletero José, who has the perfect treats for a hot summer day, his pockets are empty, so the entire community bands together to help him find his dinero. 50,000 first printing. Simultaneous eBook. Illustrations.

*Starred Review* Latin Grammy winner Diaz's upbeat song "Paletero Man" is brought to life here with vibrant colors and diverse characters. This book is a fantastic summer celebration of Mexican paletas (ice pops), as well as L.A.'s culture of street vendors. On a sweltering day, readers race alongside a Mexican American boy as he runs through his neighborhood-inspired by Eighth Street in L.A.-to find Paletero José. He passes the wonderful smells of Tío Ernesto's tamale cart and Señorita Lee's Korean BBQ. Following the bell of the paletero man, the boy hears the Ring! Ring! Ring! of the cart, but where can it be? He continues his journey through the brightly colored streets, passing vendors and saludando (greeting) neighbors and friends along the way. The melodic rhythm of the stanzas makes this book ideal for reading aloud. Each page has Spanish words within the English sentences. No glossary is provided for the Spanish vocabulary, but it is easy to understand in context, especially when taken with the story's bold illustrations. When Paletero José is finally discovered at the park, surrounded by diverse families and happy faces, a plot twist that could have ruined the boy's day brings joy to all. This book depicts wonderful examples of kindness, community, and delicious paletas. Preschool-Grade 2. Copyright 2021 Booklist Reviews.

Money flies out of an excited Latinx boy's holey pockets as he runs toward his favorite drippy, slurpy treat. Is it tamales? Korean BBQ tacos? NO! There's only time for one thing today: an ice cold paleta from Paletero Jose. "In the hottest month, / on the hottest day, / in the city of Dreamers, / California-LA." This semibilingual rhyming story races down Eighth Street with the protagonist, who greets food vendors and shopkeepers as he goes, to the teeming park where the Mexican paleta pushcart's bell rings. Now for the hard part-which flavor to choose? "¿Chocolate, elote, / sandia, o fresa, / arroz con leche, / miel, o cereza?" The boy's adamant; only pina will hit the spot. A smiling Jose hands over a pineapple paleta, but wait-where's the money? It's lost! Tragedy is averted when the child spies the neighborhood merchants who have followed him across town with his money clutched in their hands. Impressed by their kindness, Paletero Jose gives out free paletas to everyone. Latin Grammy winner Diaz's story, based on his bestselling song of the same name (link included on book cover), is a jaunty tour through the vibrant, diverse streets of Los Angeles. Although there is no glossary for fledgling paleta aficionados, Player's vibrant, attention-grabbing illustrations highlight both the mouth-pleasing treats and the congenial interactions within the multiethnic/multiracial community. (This book was reviewed digitally.) The unifying lure of paleta love underscores the joys all people-regardless of differences-have in common. (author's note) (Picture book. 4-8) Copyright Kirkus 2021 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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