When No One Is Watching
by Cole, Alyssa

Finding unexpected support from a new friend while collecting stories from her rapidly vanishing Brooklyn community, Sydney uncovers sinister truths about a regional gentrification project and why her neighbors are moving away. Original. 100,000 first printing.

*Starred Review* Cole's (A Prince on Paper, 2019) latest is a searing indictment of the inseparable evils of racism and gentrification wrapped in an anxiety-inducing thriller with elements of romance and horror. Sydney Green returns home to a changed Gifford Place, where longtime Black residents having been replaced by white families who snatch up the historic brownstones. Theo bought one with his now ex-girlfriend Kim, and she exiles him to the attic, from which he can watch the street and see into Sydney's living room. Sydney reluctantly accepts Theo's help with research for a community tour, and as they visit with residents, both note that strangeness in the neighborhood is intensifying. Sydney is getting creepy phone calls and hearing noises in the walls, and because Theo believes her, she begins to trust him as they get drawn further into a fight with mysterious forces vying for control of Gifford Place. Sydney is a troubled narrator, and Theo's perspective does not immediately make his intentions clear. Cole expertly layers plot twists, raising the stakes until the dramatic finale, and readers will cheer when the real heroes are revealed. Cole is a sure-bet suggestion for romance readers, and When No One Is Watching will expand her already enthusiastic audience. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

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