Everything Beautiful in Its Time : Seasons of Love and Loss
by Hager, Jenna Bush

My Four Grandparents1(4)
Hiding from My Favorite People on Earth
Sister Love and Sister Strife
A Letter from Ganny on Barbara's and My Birthday
Do Not Speak to Me of "Balance"
The Wrong Movie
Out There on the Water
Henry's Letter to Gampy
The Opposite of Fear Is Love
Times I Have Cried (a Partial List)
Gentle Protection
A Letter from Jenna and Barbara to Sasha and Malia
"To Thine Own Self Be True"
Comfort Care
Mirror, Mirror
The Greatest Gift
"I Know You Miss Them, Too"
Summer Rain
"Poor Henry"
My Girls as Sisters
The Stone Ring
Dreams of My Mother
"Every Woman Gets Her Baby in Her Time"
"I Learned a Lot from Our Lunch"
April Showers Bring May Fog
Saying Goodbye to Grammee Jenna
Happy Birthday, Ganny
Father's Day in Maine
Walking to the Gate

The Today co-host, best-selling co-author of Sisters First and former first daughter and granddaughter shares heartwarming, whimsical stories about beloved grandparents George and Barbara Bush while offering insights into how their wisdom has shaped her life. 400,000 first printing. Illustrations.

In a little over a year, Hager lost all three of her remaining grandparents. In this poignant essay collection, she recalls moments growing up under their guidance. The Bushes are a close, loving family, and the author shares the same inside views and warm moments with her famous family that made her and her twin Barbara's Sisters First (2017) such a fun read. Hager recalls fishing with her father and "Gampy" and deep conversations with her "Ganny." Both paternal grandparents offered life lessons in everything from "hang up your towel" to "be true to yourself" and modeled lives of dignity and honor. Although she didn't see her mother's parents as frequently, Hager still has fond memories of their summers spent together and wisdom shared. The author speaks honestly about the challenges of being a working mother in the social media spotlight, particularly when grieving. Sprinkled throughout are letters written to and from Hager's grandparents which speak of love and affection. Fans of the Today Show are a ready audience, but many readers will be touched by Hager's poignant prose and heartfelt recollections. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

The Today Show host considers with gentle affection her close relationships with her grandparents. Over the past couple years, Hager has lost both her paternal grandmother and grandfather, Barbara Bush and former President George H.W. Bush, and her maternal grandmother, Jenna Welch. (Her maternal grandfather died many years earlier.) The author fondly reminisces about the time she spent with them in Texas and at the Bush family compound in Maine as well as the bonds her children were able to form with their great-grandparents. Along the way, Bush proffers amusing anecdotes about her experiences of life in the White House with both her grandparents and her parents, her courtship and marriage, her pregnancies, the challenges of life as a working mother, and her abiding love for her children. She includes advice from her grandfather ("Nobody likes an overbearing big shot"), letters from her grandparents, a letter she and her sister wrote to Sasha and Malia Obama, letters she wrote to her grandparents after their deaths, and "Times I Have Cried (a Partial List)," which include s "at all Kleenex commercials" and "at parent-teacher conferences, when I hear glowing reports." Though she generally avoids discussing politics, Bush defends her father from the personal criticism she believes the press loaded on him, and she makes it clear that she's not a fan of the current administration. Those looking for surprises or revelations should look elsewhere. The curated version of Hager that emerges falls right in line with her TV persona, and those who enjoy her company on the small screen will likely appreciate it here, as well. A carefully self-monitored peek into the private life of the Bush family. Copyright Kirkus 2020 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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