Worst Best Man
by Sosa, Mia

The top wedding coordinator in Washington, D.C., Carolina Santos is offered an opportunity of a lifetime, but there is just one hitch-she has to collaborate with the best man from her own failed nuptials-and decides to dish out a little payback of her own until the unexpected happens. Original. 50,000 first printing.

*Starred Review* It was bad enough that Max Hartley ruined Lina Santos' wedding; did he have to sink her chances at getting a dream job, too? Three years ago, Max said something to his older brother, Andrew, the night before Lina's wedding that subsequently prompted Andrew to ditch Lina at the altar. Now, just as she has the chance to secure a much-needed job as wedding coordinator for the Cartwright Hotel Group, who should turn up like the proverbial bad penny but Max? Her professional game plan is to pretend not to know Max, but can she really pretend to ignore the feelings she is now experiencing for the "hot Hartley" long enough to land the job of a lifetime? Sosa (Crashing into Her, 2019) handles alternating viewpoints with perfect aplomb as she once again deftly dishes up for lucky readers another irresistibly fun romance spiced with a zesty sense of humor and spiked with love scenes as hot as the ghost chilis that pepper the Brazilian cuisine featured in this tantalizing tale of love, family, and friendship. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

A Washington, D.C., wedding planner falls in love with her ex-fiance's brother. Three years ago, Lina Santos was jilted on the morning of her wedding. Since then, she's made a success of her small wedding-planning business, Dotting the I Do's. When she's given the opportunity to compete for a job as the in-house wedding coordinator at an exclusive boutique hotel, she's thrilled about the opportunity but nervous about the nonstandard interview format: She'll be paired with a marketing specialist and will have five weeks to prepare a sales pitch of herself and the hotel's services. The catch: Her partner is Max Hartwell, her ex-fiance's brother, the one who encouraged him to back out of the wedding. Max knows working with Lina isn't ideal, but it's a golden opportunity to make a name for himself. The plot is classic "enemies to lovers" and is executed perfectly. Sosa (Crashing Into Her, 2019, etc.) deftly moves Lina and Max through a series of complex plot machinations that feel organic rather than contrived. Lina is a sympathetic and poignant character, f iercely loyal to her family and proud of her Brazilian heritage, and even though she's an eminently capable wedding planner, she struggles with her fear of failure. Max has always come in second to his older brother, so he fights what feels like a forbidden attraction. As Lina and Max navigate thorny family dramas and professional challenges, they cautiously move from animosity to love and learn that "there are no do-overs in life...there are only do-betters." It's a slow-burn romance done perfectly right. A captivating love story about two people who bring out the best in each other both professionally and personally. Copyright Kirkus 2019 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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