Hunter Killer
by Taylor, Brad

When a suspicious attack ends a friend's life in a lawless region of South America, Pike Logan teams up with Jennifer Cahill to investigate a crew of Russian assassins that may be targeting Taskforce members. 200,000 first printing.

*Starred Review* Revenge plays a key role in Taylor's latest thriller featuring Pike Logan and his team of highly trained operatives in the Taskforce. From events chronicled in previous series installments, Logan has become a target of Russian assassins. When an attempt on his life takes out a dear friend instead, he immediately vows to destroy those responsible. The trail takes the Taskforce to Brazil, but it soon becomes clear to everyone else on the team that Logan's judgment might be impaired, and soon the frays begin to show. What makes a family, and what one will do to protect that bond, weighs heavily on Logan, especially when the enemy is as formidable as the Taskforce. Taylor continues to tell flawless stories with his stellar cast of characters and timely scenarios. It's amazing that after so many novels Taylor can still maintain the high-level quality and breathless action readers expect, while also getting better with each tale. When it comes to writing about the world of black ops, Taylor is one of the absolute best. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

Out for vengeance, an off-the-books task force of American special operators sets their crosshairs on a Russian clandestine hit squad. With his experience in Special Forces, retired Lt. Col. Taylor (Daughter of War, 2019, etc.) brings an unquestionable level of authenticity to his Pike Logan series of military thrillers. Relaxing alongside Jennifer Cahill, his romantic and business partner, Pike is at home in Charleston, South Carolina, when a dear mentor and brother in arms is killed in a car-bomb explosion that Pike is sure was meant for him. Then, Pike's sense of hypervigilance is piqued further when a Thai mercenary and old friend reaches out from the shadows to warn him that the threat is far from over. The web of intrigue becomes increasingly layered when Pike's elite unit, the Taskforce, which is already working in the tri-border region between Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay to quell Hezbollah activity, finds itself in the midst of a thick Russian plot. When the same ex-Russian Spetsnaz soldiers who were behind the attack at Pike's home also attempt to gain control of the Brazilian economy and politi cal structure through a series of coordinated assassinations, Pike's quest for personal retribution and his sense of service to American foreign interests commingle. Throw in some former Israeli Mossad agents and the cast of international elite operators along with the level of bone-crushing violence is almost overflowing. A surefire hit for those who like contemporary foreign affairs spiced heavily with page-turning action. Copyright Kirkus 2019 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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