Craftfulness : Mend Yourself by Making Things
by Davidson, Rosemary; Tahsin, Arzu

Uses mindfulness, neuroscience, positive psychology, and creativity research to argue that making things with one's hands can connect people to their deepest selves.

This book's subtitle really sums it up. In recent years, the mental health benefits of creating have been noted by many, including Davidson and Tahsin, who have both enjoyed long careers in publishing. Part one of the book explores the authors' philosophy of making and uses research to demonstrate the value of hand crafting as self-care. The second section offers strategies for making time for creating, choosing a project and getting started, and dealing with the things that might hold one back. Part three includes simple projects accompanied by essays that expand on the reasons for doing them. Quotes from noted authors and makers are interspersed, offering concise insights into the beauty and importance of creating. Appendixes offer brief lists of recommended reading, inspirational websites, and materials suppliers. Many makers find that they are unable to pin themselves down to just one type of pursuit, and this book celebrates and encourages that. This light meditation on the purpose and benefits of creative endeavors should have wide appeal. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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