I Know You Know
by Macmillan, Gilly

Haunted by the murders of his best friends twenty years earlier, filmmaker Cody Swift returns home to find that some people do not want the case reopened, especially when a long-dead body is discovered.

John Fletcher was new to the Bristol, England, police force when young Charlie Paige died his arms, and he's never forgotten it. Now a seasoned detective, Fletcher is shaken all over again when a body is found close to the site where Charlie and his friend Scott Ashby were assaulted and left for dead. As though the new killing wasn't enough, the dead boys' childhood friend starts a true-crime podcast that questions whether a mentally disabled man convicted of the murders was actually guilty. Fletcher's down-to-earth policing, combined with his strong sleuthing smarts, creates a compelling flashback-and-present-day mystery, but equally engaging is a secondary character, Charlie's mother, Jess. She wasn't there for her son, but her self-recrimination and eventual redemption over the course of the case make for compelling drama. Fans of British mysteries or of cold-case procedurals are the natural audience for this strongly written outing by the author of What She Knew (2016), but it may also appeal to devotees of the many true-crime podcasts out there today, including West Cork. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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