by Pinborough, Sarah

With her 40th birthday approaching-the same time her mother went insane-Emma Averell is unable to sleep, and loses time during the day, symptoms her mother showed, leading her to wonder if the madness is in her blood or is she slowly beginning to lose her mind. 75,000 first printing.

Internationally bestselling author Pinborough brings her uniquely twisted genius to her fourth psychological thriller (following Dead to Her, 2020). Emma simply cannot sleep. Her fortieth birthday is almost here. The "Night Night" meds are not helping. Oddly, Emma's mother also developed insomnia just before her fortieth birthday. And that was right before she did an unspeakable thing. Too ill for prison, she was committed to a care facility where she has vegetated to the age of 75. Emma's older sister, Phoebe, always said that Emma inherited the same "bad blood." Despite her traumatic past, Emma loves her career, her family, and her home, but she feels them slipping away. Is she descending into madness, or is someone gaslighting her? Emma has given a few women reason to dislike her, but there is a spooky factor involved here that leads her to think this is something that has been on the way for quite a while. A real mind-twister, guaranteed to please fans of genre-bending thrillers. Copyright 2022 Booklist Reviews.

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