Dead to Her
by Pinborough, Sarah

"For fans of Liane Moriarty, Liv Constantine and Lisa Jewell, a twisty psychological thriller about a savvy second wife who will do almost anything to come out on top from the New York Times bestselling author of Behind Her Eyes"-

*Starred Review* Pinborough's third domestic thriller (after Cross Her Heart, 2018) is set in the enticing world of the überrich denizens of picturesque Savannah. Marcie became Jason's second wife after a torrid affair, and despite their age difference, has settled in as a member of their old money world of parties, charity work, and gossip-but she has a past that will never allow her to truly belong. Their predictable world is upended when William, Jason's partner and the group's de facto patriarch, brings home an even younger wife, Keisha, from his trip to England, shaking loose a web of secrets and putting a plan of well-calculated destruction into motion. Narrated in turns by Keisha and Marcie, who are equally seductive and untrustworthy, this tightly wound thriller just keeps constricting. Readers shouldn't let Pinborough lull them into complacency with soapy drama, illicit love affairs, tension as stifling as the Georgia summer heat, and an unsettling touch of the supernatural. Every character and every detail will matter when the inevitable twist comes crashing down. With Dead to Her, Pinborough plants her flag as the master of seductively sinister suspense. This absorbing tale will satisfy and even surprise fans of Jennifer McMahon and Gillian Flynn. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

Two trophy wives in Savannah, Georgia, learn that wealth and status can't protect them when their secrets and lies catch up to them. Marcie thinks she has finally escaped her bleak past in Idaho. She broke up Jason Maddox's first marriage and is now Mrs. Maddox, with all the trappings of mansions, country clubs, and the right social set. But when Jason's 65-year-old boss, William Radford IV, a recent widower—having buried the saintly and never-forgotten Eleanor—returns from London with 22-year-old Keisha, a stunning bride, Marcie's status as the alpha wife seems uncertain. And is Jason flirting with Keisha? As the novel unfolds, alternating between each woman's perspective, we learn that the husbands may not be the prizes they seem, either. (Though did they ever seem like prizes?) And everyone in Savannah, it seems, has secrets, some more dangerous than others. The author's ability to build suspense is hampered by overwriting ("Splinters of her heart broke off and she wanted to stab him with them") and tedious passages; editing would have made the book tighter and moved the plot along better. I t's also a struggle to spend so much time with, or care much about, characters a police officer deems "such truly atrocious people." If you do manage to stick with this crowd until the end, you may at least be surprised by a few late-breaking twists and turns. Copyright Kirkus 2019 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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