Secret of the Irish Castle
by Montefiore, Santa

Leaving America for Dublin, Martha falls impossibly in love with a man from her birth mother's community; while Bridie struggles with her new husband's wandering eye, and Kitty reevaluates a past love. Hardcover Library Edition. By the New York Times best-selling author of Daughters of Ireland. 25,000 first printing.

Montefiore (The Daughters of Ireland, 2017) brings her Deverill Chronicles to a satisfying conclusion, wrapping up the dramatic and passionate story lines stretching across four decades and two generations. On the eve of WWII, Bridie O'Doyle (now the Countess di Marcantonio) is the new mistress of Deverill Castle, but her husband seems to have a hidden agenda of his own, and few can forget or forgive her humble beginnings as the daughter of the castle cook. Searching for her long-lost mother in Ireland, American Martha Wallace loses her heart when she crosses paths with the charming JP Deverill. Raising Bridie's illegitimate son, JP, as her own, Kitty Deverill can't completely shake off the demons of the past, despite her loving husband and children. When Kitty's first and truest love, Jack O'Leary, finally returns from America with his wife and children in tow, the scene is set for romances to be resolved, secrets to be exposed, and long-festering feuds-along with the ghosts of Deverills past who haunt the old castle-to be laid to rest. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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