Naked Came the Florida Man
by Dorsey, Tim

Enjoying a cemetery road trip with his brother, Serge A. Storms investigates an urban myth about a boogeyman that haunts an old sugar field before uncovering possible links between the story and the Naked Florida Killer. 75,000 first printing.

As a hurricane wreaks havoc upon Florida, the never-more-aptly-named Serge A. Storms, Florida's most avid history buff (not to mention its most cheerful serial killer) is determined to finish his latest foray into the state's past: a tour of Florida's most notable cemeteries. Along the way, he rights wrongs in his own violently clever fashion and investigates a legendary story of a local bogeyman. Readers who have not yet met Mr. Storms are in for a real treat: he's one of contemporary fiction's most entertaining and idiosyncratic creations, a killer who believes he's only doing what's right, an amateur historian who gets almost unendurably thrilled about the tiniest historical fact concerning the state he loves. Dorsey, a former newspaperman, writes economically; the dialogue is sparse and frequently hilarious, and the narrative passages are as descriptive as they need to be but not a syllable more. A fine entry in this consistently strong series. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

Veteran chaos magnet Serge A. Storms (No Sunscreen for the Dead, 2019, etc.) tours the gravesites of famous Floridians from Flipper to Zora Neale Hurston. Having done all in his power to amuse, confuse, and bamboozle those still living, Serge turns his attentions to the departed, dragging his best pal, Coleman, on a cemetery tour of the Sunshine State starting near mile marker 58 on Grassy Key, the marine life research center where America's most famous dolphin is laid to rest. As he wends his way northward, Serge faces the usual Florida challenges: A hurricane is bearing down on him, and an assortment of petty grifters keep on preying on the innocent, requiring Serge to stop periodically and mete out ingenious and increasingly gory punishments. Serge's greatest challenge, however, may come courtesy of pint-sized Chris, one of a squad of urchins who chase the jackrabbits flushed out when cane growers set their fields ablaze to clear the leaves and weeds just before harvest. Bullied by older classmates, scrawny Chris longs to develop enough speed chasing rabbits to join the high school football team and earn a college scholarshi p. But discovering a gold coin buried near a cane field suggests another option to finance Chris' dream. Too bad notorious shipwreck salvager Capt. Crack Nasty is also after the gold. As Dorsey weaves back and forth in time between Serge and Chris, patient readers can enjoy a well-anticipated jolt when their paths finally cross. Meantime, there's a treasure trove of trivia for Florida fans to savor. Enough mayhem to raise the dead and delight the living. Copyright Kirkus 2019 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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