Woman Left Behind
by Howard, Linda

A gruff, no-nonsense GO-Team leader who relies on the sensual voice of the team's communication expert to guide him through dangerous assignments becomes her rescuer in the aftermath of an attack that leaves her stranded on a deserted station. By the award-winning author of Troublemaker. (romance). Simultaneous.

*Starred Review* As far as Jina Modell can tell, she can either cheerfully accept a job transfer to one of the GO-Teams or look for a new job. First, however, she must pass physical training. For a woman who doesn't like to get dirty or sweaty, that might be something of a challenge. Fortunately, Levi "Ace" Butcher, Jina's new team leader, is more than happy to put her through the paces to ensure that she either learns how to pull her own weight or drops out before she can do any permanent damage to his team. High-adrenaline action and high-octane passion once again prove to be an irresistible combination in best-selling Howard's (Come Lie with Me, 2016) latest addictive suspense novel, featuring a heroine who doesn't take guff from anyone, a testosterone-rich hero who still manages to be sensitive, and a sassy sense of wit, and you have the literary equivalent of pure gold. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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