Day of the Dead
by French, Nicci

When a series of murders announce the return of the serial killer that sent psychologist Frieda Klein into hiding, Frieda emerges to confront the psychopath.

*Starred Review* "Deconstruct Frieda Klein," a professor advises criminology student Lola Hayes, who's searching for a dissertation subject. Hayes had never even heard of the London psychotherapist notorious for her consulting work with police, yet she throws herself into the project, even managing to find Klein, who had recently vanished with even her closest friends unaware of her whereabouts. Further, Hayes persuades the psychotherapist to take the doctoral student with her to her hiding place just as a rash of bizarre murders begins. Klein soon reasons that the murders are being committed by Dean Reeve, the serial killer whose love-hate obsession with Klein led her to take flight. Hayes is thrown into the middle of the drama when the chameleon-like Reeve kills her flatmate, causing Hayes to cling more closely to Klein as the two of them change hideouts frequently to evade Reeve, who somehow manages to never lose their trail. The husband-and-wife team of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French combine psychological suspense with a form of police procedural in a brilliant cat-and-mouse game that provides the perfect finale for this concluding entry in the celebrated Frieda Klein series. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

French closes the saga of consulting psychologist Frieda Klein with the story of a criminology student who, casting around for a topic for her dissertation, chooses "In the Footsteps of Dr. Klein," a choice that turns her life into a nightmare. Lola Hayes has no idea what to write about for her final paper at the University of London's Guildhall College. Her lazy adviser, hearing her say, "I'd much rather write about people than ideas or science," directs her: "You want a person?...Here's a person. Have you ever heard of Frieda Klein?" Lola hasn't, but she reads up on Frieda, talks to her archenemy, Guildhall profiler professor Hal Bradshaw, and eventually tracks her down. That's no mean feat in itself, since Frieda, pursued once more by monumentally patient serial killer Dean Reeve, has gone into hiding, and even her closest friends don't know or won't say where. Apart from his earlier track record, there's good reason for Frieda to fear Reeve, who's started to kill more or less random people in order to flush her out of hiding so she can protect the next innocent. One victim is found after his car crashes through a shop window; another's bicycle is struck by a hit-and-run driver; a third turns up dead on Hampstead Heath. DC Dan Quarry and his new boss, DCI Bill Dugdale, have yet to realize that Dean Reeve is behind the latest round of mayhem. After Frieda agrees to take in Lola, she agrees to meet Reeve alone in a place he's picked, and Lola, frantic to prevent what she sees as Frieda's suicidal acquiescence, acts to protect her. Ungrateful Frieda promises her: "One day you'll want to get in a time machine, come back and stop yourself doing what you did today." If anything, that turns out to be an understatement. Though its climax couldn't possibly live up to the harrowing story it ends, French's legion of fans will rejoice that she's capped her memorable week of thrillers (Sunday Silence, 2017, etc.) with this nerve-shredding eighth day. Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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