by Holland, Sara

In a land where the rich are able to hoard time, Jules Ember returns to the estate where she and her father used to be servants and where the youngest son of an aristocratic family is planning to marry the daughter of the queen.

In the kingdom of Sempera, time is currency. Your time can be taken away in an instant, especially if you're a servant in the Gerling household, the most powerful family in the city of Everless. Long ago, Jules and her father fled Everless due to an accident with the Gerling children. Now, in order to save her father from his growing time debt, Jules must return to Everless, even though doing so puts her in grave danger. Jules quickly gets swept into the violent secrets of the Gerling family and the Queen of Sempera. As Jules begins to unwind their secrets, she learns that she might have more power than she ever thought possible. Holland's debut is set in an intricate and immersive fantasy world, a world she skillfully builds through layers of flashbacks and memories. The concept of Everless is refreshing and unique, and readers will be desperate to figure out Jules' history as she unravels it. Those same readers will be eager to dive back into the world of Everless, so here's hoping for a sequel. Copyright 2017 Booklist Reviews.

After banishment as a child, a girl must brave a treacherous estate to save her father and unearth her past.White teen Jules Ember lives with her father in the kingdom of Sempera, where they struggle to make rent. The Gerling family, owners of the Everless estate, collect tenants' blood-iron: coins forged from blood, each equating to increments of time that can be added to a life span. Desperate to save her ailing father, Jules hopes to work at Everless to earn enough blood-iron to pay their debts. There's a royal wedding approaching and much to be done. Lord Roan Gerling, also white, whom Jules grew up with, is betrothed to the ward of the queen. Jules hopes Roan will remember her, and her heart stutters when she sees him. Her father forbids her to go to Everless, warning her never to let the queen near her. But Jules sets out on a dangerous path; she can pause time itself, and memories of her childhood aren't what they seem. Rather than hide from the queen, she's determined to find out their true connection—ultimately risking everything. Though tropes abound, characters are given room to grow past them. Propelled by inventive lore and magic, Jules' story, which she narrates in the present tense, is a heady, addicting page-turner—especially for readers who prize worldbuilding over romance. Utterly absorbing; a must for fans of Sarah J. Maas' Throne of Glass (2012) and its sequels. (Fantasy. 13-adult) Copyright Kirkus 2017 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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