by Mehrotra, Rati

After winning her duel with the Mistress of Mental Arts, Kyra, a young female assassin, returns home to find her beloved teacher dead and her best friend missing, in the follow up to Markswoman. Original.

Kyra, still physically healing from her successful battle with Tamsyn (Markswoman, 2018), is also emotionally wracked by the loss of her teacher and mentor, Shirin Mam. One night, Kyra ventures to her teacher's former bedchamber and finds a package containing two envelopes, one for herself and one for Rustan, Shirin Mam's son and Kyra's love. When Kyra opens her envelope, it sets off a course of events that propels her back to Rustan and to her greatest enemy, Kai Tau, the man who killed her family. Driven by revenge and a need to protect all of Asiana from Kai Tau, Kyra finds help in unexpected places. She also finds that her own power has been increased-but will it be enough to defeat Kai Tau? Mehrotra plays with the time line, giving readers a peek at Asiana before the Great War that led to the world Kyra fights for. Mahimata is a satisfying conclusion to this sf-fantasy duology, though fans will hope that this is not the last tale of Asiana and the world of the Markswomen. Recommended for all fantasy collections. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

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