Shell Game
by Paretsky, Sara

Returning to Chicago to prevent an erroneous murder charge, V. I. Warshawski traces a stolen artifact with links to a network of international mobsters, terrorist financiers, scammers and art thieves. By the New York Times Best-selling author of Fallout. 100,000 first printing.

*Starred Review* When the nephew of V. I. (Vic) Warshawski's friend Lotty Herschel is summoned to a crime scene to identify a body, Vic can't let Felix go alone. Felix's insistence that he has no idea why his contact information was found in the dead man's pocket does little to dampen the cops' suspicions, and he's not talking to Vic, either. Vic knows she'll have to find the connection herself to keep Felix out of jail, but her only lead is the flimsy link between the victim's archaeology work in Syria and Felix's Syrian friends in his Engineering in a Free State group. Then Vic's niece Harmony calls, desperate to find her sister, Reno, who disappeared shortly after reporting that she was sexually harassed and possibly assaulted at a corporate retreat. Vic is doing double duty until she discovers that the law firm of her ex-husband, Dick, has troubling connections to both cases, and his threat-filled stonewalling indicates something beyond post-divorce antagonism. An expertly woven tale of greed and impunity emerges as the two mysteries plunge V. I. into the surprisingly dangerous world of antiquities at the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute, as well as necessitating a tightrope walk through Chicago's ICE-targeted immigrant communities and a revelatory investigation into the predatory practice of payday lending. True to form, V. I.'s latest tangle with white-collar crime's violent underbelly will leave readers pondering the intersections of power, authority, and humanity. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Even after decades, Paretsky's landmark series remains as popular as ever, and the social consciousness behind the stories seems ever more in tune with contemporary events. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

V.I. Warshawski (Fallout, 2017, etc.) goes to bat for a niece of her own and a grandnephew of her best friend. When an unidentified corpse turns up in the wilds of Cap Sauer's Holding, Lt. McGivney of the Cook County Sheriff's Office has to grasp at straws, and his most promising straw is a piece of paper in the dead man's pocket with Felix Herschel's phone number. Felix, whose grandfather was the brother of obstetrician Lotty Herschel, says he doesn't know what the man eventually identified as Elorenze Fausson was doing with his number. In the absence of any other suspects, however, McGivney remains interested, and Warshawski resolves to find evidence that exculpates him or incriminates someone else. Meantime, Harmony Seale, whose late mother was the sister of Warshawski's long-ago husband, attorney Richard Yarborough, has come in from Portland looking for her sister, Reno, and she wants Warshawski to help. The trail of Reno, who worked for bottom-feeding payday lender Rest EZ, leads back to a getaway weekend for high-rolling executives at which she was part of the entertainment, and the closer Warshawski looks at the clues, the more it looks as if her ex is in this mess up to his neck. It would be a relief to work on the murder of Elorenze Fausson if Warshawski didn't keep getting attacked by huge, implacable Slavic thugs—and if the two cases didn't give uncomfortable signs of growing together in an intricately woven pattern that includes kidnapping, the theft of a priceless antiquity, an elaborate and painstakingly detailed insurance fraud, and some unlikely romance for Warshawski. It's pretty obvious early on who the criminal is, but that's true in most Sherlock Holmes stories, and the knowledge doesn't hurt any more here than there. The considerable pleasure comes from following the legendary heroine through an impenetrable maze of felonies knowing that you're in a master's hands. Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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