Between You and Me
by Wiggs, Susan

A lonely Philadelphia surgeon treats an injured Amish child and becomes attracted to the boy's uncle, a situation that forces her to consider if such a relationship is possible.

The moment Caleb Stoltz shows up in the emergency room of the Philadelphia hospital where she's working as a medical student, Reese Powell knows there is something different about him. Reese is instantly impressed by the fact that Caleb ignored the religious objections of others in his Amish community to rush his young nephew Jonah, who had been involved in a life-threatening farm accident, to the hospital. Now, watching Caleb offer the unconditional love and support Jonah needs as he deals with the changes in his life forces Reese to rethink some of the decisions she's making about her own future. A future Reese is beginning to think more and more may be linked to Caleb. From the book's gut-wrenching opening to its superbly satisfying conclusion, readers will once again find themselves under best-selling, RITA award-winning Wiggs' (Map of the Heart, 2017) literary spell as she gracefully spins easily relatable yet realistically complex characters and an evocatively written and emotionally charged plot into pure literary gold. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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