Alicia's Happy Day
by Starr, Meg; Hu, Ying-Hwa (ILT); Van Wright, Cornelius (ILT)

Alicia receives greetings from her Hispanic neighborhood as she walks to her birthday party.

PreS-Gr. 1. Happy is the operative word here, all right. Young Alicia, who is celebrating her birthday, is on the dust jacket snapping her fingers. As she walks along the city streets, people wave, taxi drivers smile; even the traffic lights seem to say "walk." The text is short and bouncy: "May Mammi and Poppi hug you? / Titi Penelope sing to you." A Latino flavor sweetens the story, but Alicia could be any child delighted with a day that is so his or hers that even the pigeons seem to know it. Although some of the characters are awkwardly drawn, the watercolor art brings a community to life. Use this infectious tale at toddler story hours, particularly one about birthdays. ((Reviewed February 1, 2003)) Copyright 2003 Booklist Reviews

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