Take Heart: Poems from Maine
by Wesley McNair (Compiled by)

Introductionp. 13
1Heart Faces
  Mr. Fix-It   Stuart Kestenbaump. 18
  Peaches   Kate Barnesp. 20
  Spaghetti "western Days   Annie Farnsworthp. 21
  Roses   Thomas Carperp. 23
  Cullen: Four Days Old, Waking   Preston H. Hoodp. 24
  Eighty-Five   Elizabeth Tibbettsp. 26
  Watermelon   Susan Deborah Kingp. 28
  1940   Sharon Brayp. 30
  Rained Out   Gerald Georgep. 31
  The Man Who Likes Cows   Sheila Gray Jordanp. 32
  Love Is Not All: It Is Not Meat Nor Drink   Edna St. Vincent Millayp. 34
  Her Telling   Thomas R. Moorep. 35
  Mom Gets In One of My Poems   Martin Steingesserp. 37
  Resurrection   Michael Macklinp. 39
  Hands Reaching   Edward J. Reillyp. 41
  Sentences   Edward Noblesp. 42
  Where He Went   Edward Noblesp. 42
  Housekeeping of a Kind   Patricia Smith Ranzonip. 43
  The Crossing   David Walkerp. 44
  If You Should Die Before I Do   Patricia Smith Ranzonip. 45
  Old   Philip Boothp. 46
  The Cross of Snow   Henry Wadsworth Longfellowp. 47
  The Power of It   Ted Bookeyp. 48
  Sixty   Philip Boothp. 49
  Feasting   Elizabeth W. Garberp. 50
  Regeneration   Carolyn Lockep. 51
2The Place Inside the Place
  The Glass Harmonica   Theodore Enslinp. 54
  The Street   Lewis Turcop. 55
  Potatoes   Jay Davisp. 56
  Winter Friends   Robert P. Tristram Coffinp. 57
  Essence   Stuart Kestenbaump. 58
  Porcupine   Tom Sextonp. 60
  Mud Season   Alice Personsp. 61
  Night Wind in Spring   Elizabeth Coatsworthp. 62
  April and Then May   Kate Barnesp. 63
  Stealing Lilacs   Alice Personsp. 65
  The Poet   Marta Rijn Finchp. 67
  How to Catch a Poem   Robert Siegelp. 68
  In Nightgowns   Sheila Gray Jordanp. 69
  Night   Louise Boganp. 70
  Some Clear Night   Gary Lawlessp. 71
  Which World   Gary Lawlessp. 72
  Driving Down East   Robert M. Chutep. 74
  The Red and Green Cement Truck   Richard Aldridgep. 75
  The Dump Pickers   Bruce Guernseyp. 76
  Understory   Jim Glenn Thatcherp. 77
  Mantis   Robert Siegelp. 79
  Moth at MyWindow   Richard Aldridgep. 80
  Garden Spider   Richard Foersterp. 82
  Lost Graveyards   Elizabeth Coatsworthp. 84
  Gulls in Wind   Betsy Shallp. 86
  The Habitation   Lewis Turcop. 88
  The Last Lamp-Lighters   Kenneth Rosenp. 89
  Closing Time   Dave Morrisonp. 90
3Changes of Heart
  The Net   Peter Harrisp. 94
  Making the Turn   Sarah Jane Woolf-Wadep. 96
  The Geese   May Sartonp. 97
  Inland   Edna St. Vincent Millayp. 98
  Hearing Your Words, and Not a Word Among Them   Edna St. Vincent Millayp. 99
  Humane Society   Bruce Spangp. 100
  Reuben Bright   Edwin Arlington Robinsonp. 102
  Sudden Death   Linda Buckmasterp. 103
  January   Linda Buckmasterp. 104
  A Little Bit of Timely Advice   Mekeel McBridep. 105
  Early Morning Trumpet   George V. Van Deventerp. 107
  April Prayer   Stuart Kestenbaump. 108
  Transportation   Kristen Lindquistp. 109
  Nude   Robert Siegelp. 111
  The Alligator's Hum   Kenneth Rosenp. 112
  Ball Smacks Mouth, Splits Lip   Bob MacLaughlinp. 114
  Sandwiches-Pam Burr Smithp. 116
  The Goldfish   Mekeel McBridep. 118
  The Plymouth on Ice   Thomas R. Moorep. 119
  The Hands   Bruce Guernseyp. 121
  Divorce   Donald Cranep. 122
  Feed My Birds   Elizabeth McFarlandp. 123
  Hummingbird   Ellen M. Taylorp. 124
  Hen   Ellen M. Taylorp. 125
  Loon Return   Carol Willette Bachofnerp. 125
  Regret   Bob Brooksp. 126
  Snap   Bob Brooksp. 127
  He Sees the Future   Dave Morrisonp. 128
  Musician   Louise Boganp. 129
  Today the Traffic Signals All Changed for Me   Martin Steingesserp. 130
  Last Writes   Carl Littlep. 132
4The World and Back Again
  What Positions Do They And We Assume in the Encapsulated Stillness?   John Tagliabuep. 134
  For the Falling Man   Annie Farnsworthp. 135
  United States   Philip Boothp. 137
  Airfield   Robert Siegelp. 138
  Night Patrol   Bruce Guernseyp. 139
  Unknown Algonquin Females, Circa 1800s   Carol Willette Bachofnerp. 140
  Nobody at Treblinka   Thomas Carperp. 141
  To Jesus on His Birthday   Edna St. Vincent Millayp. 142
  From the Toy Box   Nancy Henryp. 143
  Out Here   Robin Merrillp. 144
  Free Agent   Marija Sanderlingp. 145
  To the Infinitesimal   Betsy Shollp. 146
  Death and the Turtle   May Sartonp. 148
  Nature   Henry Wadsworth Longfellowp. 150
  Question in a Field   Louise Boganp. 151
  To an Artist, to Take Heart   Louise Boganp. 151
  Salt to the Brain   David Moreaup. 152
  Where Inspiration Has Learned a Thing or Two   Mekeel McBridep. 154
  Spring Thaw   Ruth F. Gtdllardp. 155
  Growing Lettuce   Henry Braunp. 155
  Zones of Peeper   Carl Littlep. 156
  Fiddleheads-Richard Foersterp. 158
  My Hairy Legs   Mariana S. Tupperp. 159
  Spring Cleaning   Ellen M. Taylorp. 160
  A Parrot   May Sarton and 161
  Spooked Moose   Douglas Woody Woodsump. 163
  New England Asters   Lynn Ascrizzip. 165
  They All Come Back   Sarah Jane Woolf-Wadep. 167
  The Clerks   Edwin Arlington Robinsonp. 169
  Frenchboro   Susan Deborah Kingp. 170
  Washington County, Maine   Tom Sextonp. 171
  By Passamaquoddy Bay   Tom Sextonp. 171
  Coming Home   Elizabeth Tibbetsp. 172
Contributorsp. 174
Index of Poets and Titlesp. 185
Acknowledgmentsp. 191

In this collection of verse, Maine Poet Laureate Wesley McNair has collected the work of Maine poets from his popular Take Heart column, featuring a poem each week in thirty newspapers across the state and reaching a quarter of a million readers. These are poems about longing and pleasure and death and love, poems that will inspire tears and laughter and help you to carry on - poems from the heart, all penned by the poets of Maine, whose astonishing vision this book celebrates. Book jacket.

This is Wesley McNair's sixth anthology of Maine writing. He is the author of several poetry collections and two books of essays. The recipient of two Rockefeller fellowships, he has won grants from the Fulbright and Guggenheim foundations, two fellowships in creative writing from the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Theodore Roethke and Jane Kenyon Prizes for poetry. In 2007 he was awarded a United States Artist Fellowship as one of America's "finest living artists." A professor emeritus and writer in residence at the University of Maine at Farmington, he makes his home in Mercer, Maine.

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