Fake ID
by Giles, Lamar

When his petty criminal father's activities land the family in the Witness Protection Program, Nick is forced to assume a new identity in a different community where he ruminates on the conspiracy his friend died trying to uncover. A first novel. 40,000 first printing.

Nick Pearson (not his real name) and his family are on their last lifeline. Stepton, an anonymous Southern town, is their final chance to stay out of trouble and avoid being removed from the witness protection program. More specifically, it is the last chance for Nick's father, whose dodgy dealings continue to risk exposing the family. Nick has changed identity so frequently that he has become adept at "staying low-key." But in Stepton he befriends high-school journalist Eli Cruz, who is leading a one-man crusade to unearth the truth behind "Whispertown." But when Eli ends up dead, it throws Nick into an investigation. While each revelation brings him closer to the truth, it also brings him closer to blowing his cover. Nick is a resourceful, intelligent kid who lives within a set of circumstances beyond his control. Decisions about whom he can trust with varying levels of the truth have to be made on the fly as Nick tries to honor his dead friend while ensure his own self-preservation. Conspiracy theorists and thriller fans alike will be guessing right up to the end of this exciting debut. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.

It's not easy being a teen. But what if that fake ID in your pocket isn't just a convenient way to score beer; it's your key to survival in a witness protection program? Nick has a true identity crisis: His father's past as bookkeeper to a mob figure has placed the family in WitSec. Now, Dad's reluctance to stay firmly on the side of the law is again an issue, Mom is running out of patience, and Nick (aka Steven/Logan/Tyler/Tony) is once again struggling to fit in without standing out. When new friend Eli, editor and lead investigator for the school newspaper, mentions "Whispertown," he's soon dead. Suicide? Not according to Eli's superhot cheerleader sister, who goads Nick to action. A mysterious car accident and explosion; a solo, scary ride with the mayor; bullying; local criminals, sketchy adult figures galore-all find a place in this mystery/thriller. Nick is an engaging protagonist caught among parents, cliques, and worlds both legal and not so much. Quick-witted and just street-wise enough, he is a survivor and as narrator, offers readers believable teen conversation and interactions, including the contemporary world of text messaging. Fast action, judicious plot twists, and sufficiently evil teens and adults should keep thrill-seeking readers awake long into the night. (Thriller. 13-18)

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