Don't Breathe a Word
by McMahon, Jennifer

After a series of strange occurrences challenge his hard-headed realism, Sam, whose sister mysteriously disappeared 15 years earlier, wonders if there is a world beyond our own when he is drawn into a vortex of evil and terror that reminds him of a promise he made long ago. Original. 150,000 first printing.

Jennifer McMahon is the author of Dismantled, the New York Times bestseller Island of Lost Girls, and the breakout debut novel Promise Not to Tell.

Imaginative 12-year-old Lisa disappeared 15 years ago, right after she told her friends and family that she was crossing over to the fairy world. Her little brother, Sam, has grown up to be a levelheaded man who is still convinced that Lisa was abducted by a predator. When his girlfriend, Phoebe, receives a phone call from a frightened woman claiming to be Lisa, the two are seriously spooked and set out to discover the true identity of the mystery caller and what really occurred 15 years ago during the miserable summer Lisa went missing. She had claimed that running off with the king of the fairies, Teilo, was going to dramatically improve her life, since her father had recently overdosed and could barely talk, and her cousin Evie, with whom she had been especially close, was keeping secrets. McMahon moves the action between the past and the present and works overtime to shore up her elaborate plot, but she is so skillful that readers will be pulled right along by her affecting portrait of family dysfunction overlaid with the eeriness of the supernatural. Copyright 2011 Booklist Reviews.

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