Angel of Death
by Ferguson, Alane

Seventeen-year-old high school senior Cameryn Mahoney uses skills learned as assistant to her coroner father to try to unravel the mystery of a local teacher's gruesome death, while also awaiting a possible reunion with her long-missing mother.

This follow-up to The Christopher Killer (2006) finds high-school-senior Cameryn Mahoney, forensic pathologist in the making, worrying about secretly communicating with her estranged mother, fielding the attentions of a new boy, and again working in the autopsy suite, where she's examining the body of her high-school English teacher. The macabre and the melodramatic run neck and neck here, and mystery devotees will suss out the killer before Cameryn does. This is still a page-turner, though. Just don't give it to squeamish readers; it's even more grisly than the previous book. ((Reviewed February 15, 2007)) Copyright 2007 Booklist Reviews.

Her rare talent for examining corpses and an aching secret separates 17-year-old Cameryn from her friends and family in this mystery by Edgar Award-winning author Ferguson. Cameryn's father is the town coroner. Her eye for detail and ability to quell her feelings as she examines dead bodies lead her to a paid coroner's assistant position, even though she's still in high school. When a favorite teacher is found dead in horrible and mystifying circumstances, Cameryn struggles to remain emotionally detached from the case. Meanwhile, she apprehensively awaits a visit from her long-absent mother and begins a romance with the most desirable boy in town. As Cameryn tries to unravel the mystery she doesn't notice that she's walking into extreme danger. Ferguson deftly sprinkles in some casual clues that astute readers may notice as she advances the story, and the final chapter explodes with suspense. An entertaining read. (Fiction. YA) Copyright Kirkus 2006 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

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