Bad Girls With Perfect Faces
by Weingarten, Lynn

Seventeen-year-old Sasha, desperate to save her best friend Xavier from more heartache, creates a social media trap for his ex-girlfriend with the hopes of exposing her cheating ways, but Sasha's plan takes a dangerous turn that dramatically changes the course of everyone's life.

Lynn Weingarten is a writer and editor. She is the author of Wherever Nina LiesThe Secret Sisterhood of HeartbreakersThe Book of Love, Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls, and Bad Girls with Perfect Faces. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Sasha would do anything to help her best friend, Xavier, and in the month following his seventeenth birthday, she does. After having his heart broken by Ivy, a volatile, sexy, commanding, former ballerina, Sasha has almost gotten sweet Xavier back on his feet, and she is almost ready to tell him how she really feels about him. Then Ivy pulls Xavier back to her, and Sasha is dead set on proving to Xavier that Ivy hasn't reformed her cheating ways. Sasha's alcohol-fueled online snooping quickly morphs into catfishing. She soon realizes that not only is she right about Ivy but she's in too deep to turn back, and if she wants her relationship with Xavier to survive, she needs to take desperate measures. This stylish, edgy novel of mistaken identity told in three voices takes a dark, lurid turn, with the second part ricocheting into psychological suspense with devastating consequences. Readers will revel in the twists and turns as the characters attempt to gather the pieces of their shattered lives. Copyright 2017 Booklist Reviews.

A love triangle takes a turn for the dark. There never seems to be a good time for Sasha to tell her best friend, Xavier, that she is desperately in love with him-not while he's depressed after Ivy dumps him, not when Ivy decides she wants him back, not even when Sasha comes up with a beastly plan to entrap Ivy into revealing her selfish and cheating ways. Ivy is "a tornado, unpredictable and cracklingly alive." Sasha tells herself that she has Xavier's best intentions at heart when she uploads a picture of a hot guy with a "muscular bicep" and sends Ivy an Instagram follow request. Ivy takes the bait and starts a text flirtation, but she continues to lure Xavier deeper into a naughty relationship. "Come to my house," she tells him. "I promise we won't get caught." Sasha goes to extreme lengths to free Xavier from Ivy, and these pretty girls create some very ugly situations. Weingarten draws provocative characters with searingly sharp writing, but underneath the stylish ness, the plot twists are abrupt and may leave readers with vertigo. The absence of specific racial or ethnic markers implies a white default. A teen love story that flits through a titillating social scene and wanders into a murky moral swamp. (Fiction. 14-18) Copyright Kirkus 2017 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

Bad Girls with Perfect Faces


We were holding hands, palm against palm. I could feel his heart beating, his blood against my blood.

When I looked up, his smile was wide and real. 'ready?' he said.

I faked a smile back. I had gotten so good at faking things.

I thought: You brought this on yourself, Sasha. You will never get to stop pretending.

I thought: Protect those you love, no matter what the cost.

He squeezed my hand. This is exactly what I always wanted. And nothing I ever wanted at all. And there is just no taking anything back.

"Let's go," I said.

"Road trip!' he said.

He couldn't begin to imagine what this actually was. He had no idea what I'd done. What any of us had.

I turned the key. The engine started. We went.

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