Dear Rachel Maddow
by Kisner, Adrienne

A teen slogging through remedial courses at school in the wake of her sibling's death, a breakup with her first girlfriend and her parents' dysfunctions writes unsent e-mails to her favorite news anchor before becoming involved in a moral and political dilemma involving an honor student's controversial opinions. A first novel. Simultaneous eBook.

Adrienne Kisner has master's and doctorate degrees in theology from Boston University and was inspired by her work with high school and college students to write Dear Rachel Maddow. She is also a graduate of Vermont College of Fine Arts with an MFA in writing for children and young adults. Dear Rachel Maddow is her debut.

Brynn Haper is not having a good year. Her girlfriend broke up with her, her grades are plummeting, and she stills feels the loss of her older brother every day. Which is why she needs someone to talk to; someone she respects and admires. Someone like Rachel Maddow. What starts as a class assignment turns into a collection of journal entries poured out to the MSNBC host, who Brynn feels sure would understand her decision to jump into high-school politics and her indecision when it comes to her ex. This relatable debut joins the canon of epistolary YA novels as a charming yet, at times, heartbreaking addition. Kisner perfectly captures the dueling emotions of hope and hopelessness as Brynn attempts to carve out a place in an often-hostile world, weaving wry humor into some gutting looks at addiction, loss, and abandonment. Dear Rachel Maddow is the perfect book for anyone who has ever felt truly understood by a comforting, friendly face smiling at them from the TV screen. Grades 9-12. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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