Falling Between Us
by Parsons, Ash

At fifteen, Joshua Blackbird becomes an international singing star but, as his hometown girlfriend relates, after more than a year, the pressures and dangers of fame take a toll and "Shu" disappears.

Ash Parsons is a graduate of Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College as well as other, more traditional schools. She recently taught English to 7th, 8th, and 11th graders and creative writing for Troy University's ACCESS program. Ash has performed at the Wolf Trap Center for Performing Arts, The Sarasota Opera House (Sarasota, FL), and in Auburn University Theater's production of her play, Freakspiel: Nick Dragon's Demented Sideshow. Ash, who can sometimes be found stumbling around as a zombie on The Walking Dead, loves change, challenges, and chopping off her hair. She lives in Alabama with her family. She is also the author of Still Waters. Follow her on Twitter @ashparso.

It was just another YouTube song from an unknown Georgia teen named Joshua. No one could have predicted the dizzying heights to which that song would catapult him. Girlfriend Rox tells the story of Joshua Blackbird's sudden rise to fame and all its trappings-the frenzied fans called Birdies, the massive concert audiences, the manager and others who all want part of Joshua, the forced march of living as a scripted piece of property. Who could blame Joshua for eventually wanting out? Rox, who traveled with Joshua, is hollowed out after his disappearance, the mystery of which forms the center of the narrative. In addition to telling his tale, she weaves in the story of circus celebrity Lillian Leitzel, whose high-wire acts dazzled audiences a century ago and whose story, Rox believes, parallels part of Joshua's. Readers may be less interested in this, but the frenetic whirl of Joshua's life, the social media excess, the scary fan frenzy, and the suspense and discovery surrounding what really happens to Joshua will hook them. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

Eight months ago, 17-year-old Joshua Blackbird was making music for friends and family in a trailer in small-town Georgia. Now he's an international music star performing at one of the most famous venues in the world.Joshua's girlfriend, narrator Roxanne, has been there since long before Joshua became a "brand." She sees what no one else wants to see: Joshua is miserable. His life is a circus, one Rox wishes she could burn down: his faux romance with a pop singer; his domineering manager; the ever present paparazzi; the grueling schedule; and the demanding fans. When Joshua disappears, a devastated Rox becomes obsessed with searching the web for anything related to Joshua. His fans, called Birdies, keep his memory alive; their devotion allows Rox to hold onto him. Rox also finds comfort in stories about 1920s aerialist Lillian Leitzel. Leitzel's intense celebrity parallels that of Joshua's, while her ability to accept physical and emotional pain as parts of life gives Rox hop e. Most characters appear to be white by default; Joshua's drummer and close friend, Speed, is described as having dark brown skin, and his bodyguard is named Santiago. Rox navigates dissolution, anxiety, grief, and recovery in a delicate, heightened present-tense prose that hangs on every emotion. An uplifting story of love, grief, and forgiveness. (author's note) (Fiction. 14-18) Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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