by French, Gillian

Developing a bad reputation when her need to escape leads her to stay out late and have fun in ways not associated with "good girl behavior," 17-year-old Darcy is cruelly nominated for a festival princess competition and struggles with secrets about the disappearance of her erstwhile best friend. Simultaneous eBook. 50,000 first printing.

*Starred Review* Feisty Darcy Prentiss is drawn to wild times. She'll grab at any kind of dare, chug any kind of liquor, and kiss any kind of boy just to alleviate the tedium of small-town life. The summer before her senior year, Darcy joins her sister, Mags, and her cousin, Nell, raking blueberries on a local farm. There's plenty of tension in the air, as Darcy keeps an eye on her nemesis, Shea Gaines. Only Darcy and Shea know what actually went down between them, and Darcy's not telling. Then there's renewed interest in Darcy's ex-best friend, Rhiannon, missing without a trace since the summer before. Is Darcy keeping mute on something she knows about this as well? And there's something else Darcy is hiding to protect Nell, who is beautiful but simple-minded. Any of these secrets could explode and rip Darcy's life apart, but debut novelist French reveals them slowly, stretching the suspense to the very end. French sets the story in a palpably stifling small town, and her unapologetic main character is resplendent with her untamed sharp tongue, an overdose of stubborn courage, and a taste for hot sex. Keen plotting, evocative writing, and dynamic characterization make French a writer to watch. Copyright 2017 Booklist Reviews.

A girl with a reputation grapples with the secrets of last summer.The summer before her senior year, white teen Darcy Prentiss, her sister Mags, and their cognitively disabled cousin Nell harvest blueberries alongside the seasonal Latino migrants in the eastern Maine heat, working hard to save money. But trouble keeps finding Darcy; she has a reputation, and she's used to rumors swirling around her. It's not just rumors about boys, although a white boy named Shea needles endlessly about a mistake she made with him last Fourth of July—there's also Rhiannon, her ex-friend, who went missing last summer. A police officer starts coming around, suspicious of Darcy's every move. Though Darcy doesn't know what happened to Rhiannon, she harbors a different secret about the night the girl went missing, one that could tear apart her family if it got out. Darcy juggles her self-appointed task of defending her cousin, the watchful eye of the law, and Shea's escalating harassment, al l while falling for a fellow white blueberry harvester and begrudgingly participating in the town's Bay Festival pageant. She's tough and a fierce protector of what she holds dear, but something has to give. Small-town claustrophobia makes it difficult to define who she is for herself, but rumors, secrets, and even trauma are no match for Darcy's grit. The mysteries of the previous summer weave together beautifully, and the fallout is achingly real. Gorgeously written and helmed by a protagonist with an indelibly fierce heart. (Fiction. 14-18) Copyright Kirkus 2017 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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