Girl from Everywhere
by Heilig, Heidi

Growing up beside her father on a time-traveling ship that ventures to real and imaginary places, 16-year-old Nix struggles to preserve her life when her father obsessively pursues a map in a past time period in ways that threaten her existence. Simultaneous eBook. 50,000 first printing.

Hawaiian-born 16-year-old Nix Song has spent most of her life traveling though time, "navigating" on her father's schooner, the Temptation. Her father, Slate, is a haunted man, addicted to opium and heartsick at having lost Nix's long-dead mother, Lin. He is anxious to return to 1860s Honolulu so he can reunite with and hopefully save Lin. To do this, he needs an accurate map of the era-for 16 years, Nix and Slate have jumped through different centuries, acquiring maps that have led them astray. They have also gathered a wonderfully diverse ship's crew that now includes Nix's multilingual, roguish, Persian love interest, Kashmir. Finally they find a proper map and have a chance to actually rewrite history, but Nix, though longing for her mother's presence in her life, is understandably fearful of what this will mean for her existence. With time travel, fantasy, Hawaiian history, mythology, cute animals, and a feisty protagonist, romance and fantasy readers will find much to enjoy in this quick read, which features a conclusion suggesting a sequel. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.

She was born in Honolulu's Chinatown late in the Hawaiian monarchy, but the only home Nix has known is the Temptation, the ship her father, Slate, and his crew sail through time to destinations real and imaginary, seeking a way into the past—before her mother died giving birth to Nix. Nix is unsure what will happen if they succeed. Will she cease to exist? Other concerns include her emotionally volatile father's opium addiction and her own growing attachment to her friend and crewmate Kashmir. Nix longs to learn Navigation—the secret craft her father's mastered that allows him to follow maps anywhere, even through time. Though he refuses to teach her, Slate can't Navigate without Nix's help. He's devastated when a map long sought leads them to 1884 Honolulu, years too late. To Nix, Oahu's almost home (and it contains Blake, the young white American who shares his love for Hawaii with her). She's fascinated by elderly Auntie Joss, who cared for her as an infant an d knows more about Nix's past, present, and future than she lets on. Meanwhile, her father demands her help when he's drawn into a plot to rob the royal treasury (an event drawn from an unconfirmed, contemporary account). As narrated by Nix, it's a skillful mashup of science fiction and eclectic mythology, enlivened by vivid sensory detail and moments of emotional and philosophical depth that briefly resonate before dissolving into the next swashbuckling adventure. A nonstop time-travel romp. (author's note; maps, not seen) (Fantasy. 14-18) Copyright Kirkus 2015 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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